Glass Verandas

A glass veranda provides an idyllic outdoor room that’s perfect for relaxing. Watch the sunset come rain or shine under the comfort of your glass room canopy.


The Clearview Glass Roof Canopy provides a stylish addition to any home with the added benefit of extra space and shelter. A canopy allows you to extend the time you spend in your garden while staying protected from the harmful rays of the sun during the summer months or from those unexpected downpours throughout the rest of the year.

The subtle design of the Clearview glass roof canopy means it will blend in with your garden and provide an outdoor space that you can use all year round. Whether you require an alfresco dining space, a safe area for the children to play while enjoying the benefits of being outside or a place to simply relax and read a book, our Clearview Glass Roof Patio Canopy is the perfect solution.

With its stunning clear glass roof, the Clearview patio canopy allows you to make the most of the long summer evenings watching the sun go down – extending your enjoyment of your garden and outdoor space. To find out more about our Clearview Glass Roof Canopy please call us on 01536 446 399 or visit our showroom and see our glass veranda on display.

The Clearview Glass Roof Canopy comes in a variety of size and projection options to suit your home and garden.Glass Roof Canopy Canopy Projection: 1.5m (1500mm) 2.5m (2500mm) 3.0m (3000mm) For convenience, we have listed a number of standard lengths for the Clearview Glass Roof Canopy based upon multiples of 0.5m. Because of the way the canopy is designed we can achieve any length required.

Should you require a size that is not exactly a multiple of 0.5m then we can manufacture the canopy to suit the size you require and order the glass so each panel is the same size.

Popular Kit Sizes: 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m

The Clearview Glass Roof Canopy comes in a choice of 7 standard RAL colour options making it easier for you to find the colour that matches your home. If you would like a different colour then we can arrange to have the canopy painted to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more details or visit our showroom. 

Our glass roof patio canopy has been designed and manufactured to a high quality specification. Clearview glass roof canopy details include:

  • 6mm toughened glass panels allow natural light to filter through
  • Aluminium roof bars that ensure the Clearview glass canopy suits any style of property
  • Sculpted Aluminium Gutter provides an elegant finish to our Clearview glass canopy
  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest specification
  • A choice of 7 standard RAL colours making it easy for you to find a colour that matches your home Glass Roof Canopy

For more information about the Clearview Glass Roof Patio canopy please call us on 01536 446 399.




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